Epiphany Health - Massage Therapy and Personal Training
Hi!  You've found my website!  My name is Gayle Jordan and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Personal Trainer. 

It has been said that the greatest gift we can give to those we love is to address and take personal ownership of our own sound health.  I believe in that expression, and I am delighted that our society is moving toward accepting self-care as an imperative, not a luxury.  Consider how much more effective we each can be as parent, worker, spouse, and friend if our health is consistently optimal.

It is my goal to offer you the most professional and complete experience available.  I will work in partnership with you to achieve the most successful sessions possible, and I offer a variety of options to suit each client's individual needs.

I believe massage therapy is a
positive influence in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and I will seek to help you achieve your personal health goals with every session.  Additionally, I believe that our health and fitness should be among our highest priority, and I will seek to help you achieve your goals in this arena as well.

Epiphany Health was created with this thought in mind; to partner with my clients to assist in attaining your unique lifestyle health goals.

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